Who is Marko Baloh?

Marko - one of the best ultra-cyclists in the World and a personal cycling coach.


Results from 2016

• 1st place Sebring 24h Cycling Race, 857,5km (new course record), February 2016,

• 3rd place Race across America 2016 (solo), June 2016,

• 3rd place Slo24Ultra, 24h drafting race in Slovenia, July 2016, 

• 1st place World Championships 24h Time Trial Borrego Springs (40-49years), November 2016, 505,2miles, avg 21,05mph.

Results from 2015

• 1st place Sebring 24h Cycling Race, 836km (new course record), February 2015,
• 2nd place Race around Slovenia 2015 (2-person team with Kerry Ryan), May 2015, time 40h 28min (avg 30,9km/h),
• 1st place World Championships 24h Time Trial Borrego Springs, November 2015, 502,1miles, avg 20,92mph.

Results from 2014

1st place Sebring 12h Cycling Race, 426km (avg speed 35,5km/h).
1st place Race across the West 2014 (solo), June 2014, time 2 days 33min,
2nd place TORTOUR (solo), 13th-14th August 2014,
2nd place World Championships Masters Road Race, 30th August 2014
1st place SIlver State 508, October 2014.

Results from 2013

1st place DOS/RAS EXTREME Race around Slovenia 2-person team with Iztok Melanšek, avg speed 32,8km/h (record!),
5th place RAAM 2013 (solo), June 2013, time 9 days 9h 51min,
4th place TORTOUR (6-person team), 12.-13.avgustj 2013.

Results from 2012

2. place DOS/RAS EXTREME Race around Slovenia, time 1 day 18h 33min,
World Record for 100 milj Time Trial (160,9km) 3h 48min 41sec, average speed42,2km/h,
1. place Race across Oregon (RAO), july 2012, time 29h 26min (route record bettered for 4 hours),
1. place No Country for Old Men (Texas) 384 miles in time 19h 14 min,
1. place World Championships 24h Time Trial, Coachella Valley, CA with 495,7 miles in 24 hours.

Results from 2011

1. place Texas Hill Country 600KM, march 2011, time 19h 14 min;
1. place DOS/RAS EXTREME Race around Slovenia, may 2011, 1138km in 1d 16h 21min;
3. place RAAM 2011 (solo), junij 2011, time 9d 2h 59min;
4. place RAP-Race across Pohorje, 9.julij 2011, 350km in 13h 50min,
4. place Tortour, august 2011, 1000km in time 37h 04min.

Results from 2010

World records on indoor track (8.-9. oktober 2010):

200 miles - 8h 01min 25,92sec (average speed 40,11km/h);
12 hours - 475,263km (average speed 39,60km/h);
24 hours (the most km done in 24h absolutly in ultra-cycling history!) - 903,765km (average speed 37,66km/h);
1.000km - 27h 31min 09sec (average speed 36,34km/h);

1. place – Radmarathon RAAM qualifier: 727km in 23h 53min;
2. place – Tortour (Race around Switzerland), 1001km in 36h 14min.

Results from 2009

4. place Race around Slovenia - RAS 2009, 7.-9. May 2009;
3. place RAAM 2009 (solo), June 2009, time 9d 21h 44min;
1. place TORTOUR 2009, Non-stop Cycling around Switzerland, August 2009, time 39 h 09 min.

Results from 2008

WORLD RECORD UMCA for the 24h Time Trial on the track (890,038 km and average speed 37,08 km/h);
WORLD RECORDS UMCA for the fastest 100miles (4h 00min 29sec), 200miles (8h 17min 08sec) and in 12h Time Trial on the track (460,5km and average speed 38,375 km/h);
3. place Race around Slovenia - RAS 2008 = European UMCA Championships, 7.-9.May 2009;
1. place Schotz 24h Race, 9.-10. August 2008;
1. place RAAM 2-person teams with Tomaz Percic, June 2008.

Results from 2007

WORLD RECORDS UMCA for the fastest 100miles (4h 1min 12sec), 200miles (8h 17min 59sec) and in 12h Time Trial on the road (458,76km and average speed 38,23 km/h)
2. place Race around Slovenia - RAS 2007 = European UMCA Championships
2. place GlocknerMan 2007
Paris-Brest-Paris 2007 - 1.220km in time of 46h 36min,
1. place Kainachtal Trophy 2007 24h solo.

Results from 2006

1. place KraftwerkTrophy 2006 24h solo with a World Record of 978,75km
UMCA record in fastest crossing of Slovenia E-W Hodoš - Debeli rtič, 340km in 9h 34min 28sec (average speed 35,54km/h)
2. place RAAM 2006 Enduro
1. place Kainachtal Trophy 2006 24h solo

Results from 2005

2. place Kraftwerk Trophy 24h solo
RAAM 2005-DNF because of pneumonia after 2.900 km
3. place Le Tour Direct 2005

Results from 2004

1. place Kraftwerk Trophy 12h race Open Austrian Championship in Krems
1. place Marathon Franja category 30-40 years (4. place overall)
1. place Furnace Creek 508

Results from 2003

1. place Silberreiher Trophy 12h Relay
RAAM 2003-Withdrawal after 4100 of 4800 ridden kilometers

Results from 2002

1. place Silberreiher Trophy 24h Race 2002
2. place Race across the Alps 2002
set two UMCA world records for 12h TT = 452,73km (outdoor track) and fastest 200 miles
1. place UMCA 24h TT Championships Iowa 2002, male 26-35 years, 2. overall

Results from 2001

2. place Silberreiher Trophy 2001 (16.-17.06.2001) with Slovenian Record for Drafting Race;912,5 km
2. place Race across the Alps 2001 (07.-08.07.2001)
National Championships and records

National Champion in 4km Team Pursuit, velodrome Kranj 1990 (Ugrenovič, Melanšek, Rovšček, Baloh) + NATIONAL RECORD
National Champion in Solo Time Trial 40km, Nova Gorica 1991 (2. Papez, 3. Bertoncelj, 4. Pintarič)
National Champion in Team Time Trial 100km, Kranj 1993 (Štangelj, Mervar, Papez, Baloh) and Kranj 1994 (Štangelj, Papez Ugrenovič, Baloh) – the second time in my career with the time of less than 2 hours
National Champion in Individual Pursuit 4km, velodrome Novo mesto 1997 + NATIONAL RECORD
National record in 24 hours cycling, 753 km, Kostanjevica na Krki (9.-10.9.2000)